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Welcome to WE-are-EXPATS

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Hi !!

So, how is Expat life treating you??     

For me, it is pretty grand and dandy NOW, but it wasn’t always that way.

For many years I struggled with it all, wondering how do I fit in to this strange new world, in this strange country, strange people, you name it EVERYTHING was strange!!

I know I learnt most things the hard way, and at times it wasn’t that much fun, so that’s precisely why I just love sharing this treasure trove of tips and tricks with you.

I’m a Kiwi and a serial Expat for over 12 years!

Now living in Malaysia for 8 months and lovin it!!

 Been an Expat in Thailand - 7 ½ years (3 postings), Japan -1 year and Vietnam - 3 years; plus the UK - 8 months and Australia - 6 months.

Right now!! Let’s get down to business!!

And that is to help you in Expatland!!  Whether you are new to this game, thinking about it or an old hand, I am sure you will learn something or at least get entertained from this site and book that is available.

So, lets go!!

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Get A Life

Setting Up

Culture + +

Now you have the house set up, the kids happy in school, your partner busy as anything in the new role in a new country.

Same Stuff -Different Style We are faced with ongoing challenges when we arrive in Explatland, especially at the beginning

Culture Shock comes and slaps us in the face when we are not expecting it, and plays out in many different ways.


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